21st Century Misfit

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I am Annabel Lee, and I live with no other thought than to love and be loved by thee.

Come as you are and enjoy the filth.


when i lay on my bed with him next to me, staring into his eyes and he staring into mine, it’s like we are one force of togetherness, of energy and of love. it’s a look that says i’m the only thing in the universe that matters and time could go on endlessly and nothing would change.

i’m so filled with love that it hurts. i feel so happy i could cry.

wanting him to want you even though he is a complete jackass and you know it. 


Honestly, that was written so long ago, that I don’t really know what to say. Eye of Horus I feel is not as much of a huge deal because to my knowledge it isn’t exactly considered such a sacred thing.

I still do think that such things are for example getting arabic tattooed on you as a white person would be somewhat offensive because if it was an arab man getting it tattooed he might very well, or at least more likely than you to be called a terrorist for it or something.. see what i’m saying?